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Trump’s choice of Vance ‘terrible news’ for Ukraine, Europe experts warn

Donald Trump’s choice of JD Vance as his vice-presidential pick has reignited fears in Europe that he would pursue a transactional “America first” foreign...

Extreme heat deadlier than wildfires, California insurance regulator says

SACRAMENTO, California — Extreme heat waves have cost Californians at least $7.7 billion over the last decade and killed nearly 460 people, according to...

Pentagon denies plans to establish base in southern African state

Washington has no plans to set up a military base in Zambia, the Commander of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) told reporters on Thursday. General...

Biden should be removed as president – US House speaker

Joe Biden should be replaced as US president, having shown he is “not up to the task” during his debate with Donald Trump, House...

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